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We will be posting articles and links to topical information for surveyors. Check back often as we will be updating this page monthly. If you know (or have) information you would like to share, send it via email to webmaster@wa-ccs.org

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WA-CCS Information Pamphlet

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Surveyor Summary

Questions and Answers Regarding The Profession-WACCS (.pdf) Who can perform land surveys?

Here are links to associations, state agencies and other organizations you should know about!

Our Survey Conference Presentations

We are providing materials from previous year survey camps making presentation material to everyone. If you would like to include one of your presentations, simply send it to Mike or Tom, and they will get it posted here. Thank you for sharing!


Geographic Coordinate Systems Tying Projects Together-by Jeff Graham, WSDOT Survey Support Engineer. (GCS Tying Project Together.pdf)

Back to Basics: Slope Staking: Andy Doan, PLS - Kevin Carlascio --Presenters Notes: Slope Staking (Back to Basics.pdf)

Back to Basics: Traversing - Jason Jones, Kevin Carlascio --Presenters Notes: Traversing Traversing.pdf

The Missing DLC - Alan R Dubak --Presenters Notes: Research (Missing DLC.pdf)


Mitch Duryea - Survey Math / Conference Material - Survey Math / Intro to Least Squares / Boundary Control and Legal Principles

Below are documents showing how various counties dealt with 'Right of Way' construction projects. We feel that counties agencies may benefit from the ability to see different counties throughout Washington perform this task using AutoCAD drawings.

Grays Harbor County

Wishkah Road RW Map

Walla Walla County

Russell Siding Bridge RW Map

Clark County

Carty Road Reconstruction

King County Commissioners

"Old School Book from 1880"