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You will find a diversity of subject matter presentations at this years camp as we continue work to provide a wide range of subjects.  Below is an ordered list of our presenters information and some available pre-camp materials.  Simply click on the presenters name to read more about them. 

Kevin Carlascio - WSDOT Control
Survey Supervisor and Computer Aided Engineer, Washington State Department of Transportation
South Central Region in Union 

Richard Dickman - Open Forum Discussion - State Plane Coordinates    Pierce County, Richard Dickman

Matt Hayes, Mapping Product Supervisor, www.rdoic.com- "Intro to UAV"
Co-presenting are Michael Blondeau and Gary Licqiua

Todd Mouritsen, Open Forum Discussion / "State Plane Coordinates" Coordinate Conversion
Survey Liaison, Yakima County Public Services, Construction/Survey Division

Ron Singh, PLS - Oregon Department of Transportation, Chief of Surveys/Geometronics Manager

Brian J. Ziegler, PE "Goal Setting and Achievement"
Director, Pierce County Public Works

If you are scheduled to present at this years Survey Camp and would like your material available 'pre-conference,' we can post it here.   Send your information including your complete name, your title, and the name of presentation by email. 

Send your presentation in a common format such as a Power Points or .Pdf files.   We will configure them and have a complete list here prior to conference start date.

Send your information and documents to webmaster@wa-ccs.org

Thank you.

Adobe PDF
MS Office 2013

Note:  if you have your material saved to your own 'cloud' (ie: OneDrive, Drive, Dropbox) account,
we can create a link to it and  make it available on our presenters page.